Kids Activity Ideas #1 : The Ball Run

The Ball Run. Much less dangerous than the Spanish version with the horns.

Freya sending it on it’s way

If you fancy trying it at home (or at the beach smartypants) here’s how it’s done.


– Beach (sandy), cups for scooping, balls (with a bit of weight to them, ping pong balls are a bit rubbish for this).


1. Find a beach. Need a bit of a slope and damp sand.

2. Build a mound, the higher the better.

3. Scoop out your run.

4. Keep on scooping

5. And a bit more.

6. Test run and yes, more scooping.

(Top tip for ten – it’s all about being smooth. And watching out for those little bumps!)


Ball goes like the clappers. Woohoo!


The steeper the slope the better (which is obvious, obviously). Damp sand is key with the added bonus you can simultaneously build a sandcastle. Lots of testing and modifying.

After that, charge passing Italians for the pleasure of having a go and then spend the night watching people fall into it. Ah, marvellous.

Ski Sunday with Martin Bell

Below dramatic footage of the Ball Run. It looks like I used a drone but it’s actually just me holding the camera. Good huh!

Dramatic footage of the Ball Run

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