Ovens, Tupperware and Shepherds Pie

Living in a tiny space requires two vital skills from its inhabitants; creative use of space and communication. One doesn’t work without the other. Apparently.

So, I wasn’t happy with the location of the Tupperware. I have never been happy with any location of Tupperware, ever. In any house. Anywhere. So, I decided the best space was in the oven. (Hold on, don’t go guessing the ending already!) But I forgot to mention this to Kate.

Kate was cooking Shepherds pie. Now, there’s nothing worse than cooking in a camper with 3 children. Literally. Literally? Perhaps not. However, it’s a bit of a pain. So I took the children out for a bike ride and a scoot. I was feeling a little bit heroic. It was tainted a tad by a stupid old Greek hag who, rather aggressively I might add, picked up Felicity’s scooter and put it on the pavement.

“It road!” She hissed at me.

“Yes” I replied, although I’m not sure my offish, sarcastic tone helped.

“It dangerous!” She gurgled, waving her hands about frantically. (It’s a road that is used by two cars a day and is a dead end).

“I watch” I briefly forgot I could speak the English.

She sort of huffed and waddled off with her silly little dog.

That aside I was feeling like I was doing a good thing. The kids were riding or scooting about on the road and generally getting some exercise, Kate was enjoying herself in the kitchen. Or so I thought. I casually popped back to check on developments and get an eta for dinner.

I didn’t get an eta.

Turns out that I hadn’t fully explained the new Tupperware arrangement. When I say “fully” explained of course I mean not at all. And when Kate went to put the lovingly prepared Shepherds pie into the now hot oven there was a bit of a plastic smell. When I say “a bit” I of course mean “really rather powerful and overwhelming”. It reminded me a bit of my old CDT lessons and hot glue guns and my snoopy clock that took me forever to get…but perhaps this wasn’t the time for olfactory nostalgia. I received an eyebrow look that said “what on earth were you thinking. I love you but honestly…” As they say, an eyebrow can say 11 words and a small amount of punctuation. How true they were.

And thusly the grill was turned on.

Despite everything the Shepherds Pie was delicious. And once Flossy believed us that it didn’t contain real Shepherds, it was polished off by everyone.

Published by nickfuller77

I am a former recruitment manager and recently qualified teacher.

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