Activity Number 3: Bird in a Cage

Yesterday was a rainy day. Not had many of them since we’ve been in Crete but yesterday was a wet one. So much so that the awning completely collapsed!

Anyhow, stuck in our little metal box of a home in the pouring rain with our 3 wonderful girls called for some drastic action. It called for….CRAFT TIME. My one rule with crafting is don’t do it in your own home. My second rule is that if you live in a caravan definitely don’t do it at home. My third rule is that if it has to be done then, for goodness sake, make sure I’m out of the house. I failed on all three rules but I remembered rule four, if you have to do craft time make sure you’ve had your morning coffee.

Fittingly, since we were stuck in the caravan we made something called “bird in a cage”.

Here is how to do it. Freya’s on camera and I’m Peter Duncan.

Bird in a cage, gotta love it.

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I am a former recruitment manager and recently qualified teacher.

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