Sleepless mornings

Adorable by day….

Felicity turned 2 in October. Since then she has been in the mood to experiment. With everything.

So let’s start with sleep. To her credit she’s pretty good falling asleep. However. Her experimenting with ‘when’s the right time to get up’ is testing the patience of all the Fuller’s. Remember that we are all living in a 7 by 2 metre metal box, so when one person wakes up, then generally everyone wakes up. 5.30 or 6 was historically a fair bet when we started our trip back in August. We managed to push that back to 7/7.30 through a combination of fresh air, a vigorous exercise schedule and ear plugs.

Unfortunately, things have slipped. 5.30 to 6 became the norm and then…(dramatic pause)…the clocks went back. An extra hour in bed? No chance. 4.30. Unbelievable. Then 4! ‘Go back to sleep for the love of…’

But no. Instead we get a new area to experiment with, actually two. Learning the words to ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and volume control. So, picture the scene if you will. Muggins here sat next to her bed shhhing as best I could so that Flossy and Freya and Kate could enjoy a decent nights sleep whilst Felicity hammers out,


“Shhh, Fliss. Sleepy times.”

“No, daddy. Sing Winkle Winkle.”

“No, Fli…”

“WINKLE WINKLE…(and on it would go).

The experimenting continues. Fortunately 4 o’clock has returned to its rightful place in the dead of night but we are a way off the day starting at the desired time of 7 something.

Other areas of experimentation also includes water. Always fun! We have pouring. Everywhere and anywhere. Clearly most fun inside. Splashing. Regardless of what we are wearing. I made the mistake of putting them all in welly boots and an all in one outfit in the rain. Dipping hands in our juice. Delightful. Has the double delight of displacing the sticky juice all over her high chair and the floor whilst also resulting in horribly sticky hands.

And of course, finally, yoghurt. No need to a use a spoon. And it’s preferable to be only wearing your nappy. That way you can fully experience yoghurt in its many delightful and diverse ways.

It’s just a phase. Right?

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I am a former recruitment manager and recently qualified teacher.

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