5 great things about living in a tiny house and 5 not so great things about living in a tiny house

Hello world. So, this weeks fun packed blog is all about our experience of living in a tiny house – our caravan. In our little tin box we have almost all of our worldly belongings (we admittedly still have a few boxes stored at mum and dad’s). However, we were living in a fairly large 4 bed house and we pared down massively in less than 3 months. It was exhausting and fantastically satisfying. Although you do find yourself asking “where’s that (blank) gone. Oh, I remember, we sold it.”

Now 4 months into our new tiny living life here’s what we have learnt (by the way this is not a top 5 just a 5. I place great value on the correct ordering of top 5 lists and I don’t feel that I have the authority or experience to rank this vital list as yet. In time).

Great thing No. 1 – Less clothes, less stuff

I dislike stuff. The less the better in my opinion. And since we only have a limited amount of space you have to make some tough choices; and the girls have to make the same choices. Actually it really helps going around the shops and being able to say, “I’d love to buy you that horrible plastic toy that will be in a landfill sight by the end of next week but sadly we just don’t have the space for it.”

The clothes situation is just the same. We all have a specific area for our clothes and if you its full, that’s it. If there’s

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