About Me

I’m Nick. A Dad to 3 fabulous girls (Freya 6, Flossy 4 and Felicity 2) and a stay-at-home Dad since Freya arrived in the world. In August 2019 as a family of 5 we set off on an adventure around Europe…in a caravan.

I blog about our adventures with a focus on the random and ridiculous that inevitably happens with little people as well as our successes and failures at “Road-schooling” the girls, living in a tiny space (7 by 2 metres is not big) and trying to stay sane as a parent (eating right, exercising and drinking lots of coffee).

My hope is that the blog will usually entertain, sometimes inform, every now and then provide a few ideas and always be grammatically incorrect.

What the most important people in the world say about me, or to me, or actually, at me.


– Felicity …every…single…night…

Walt Disney

“My Dad is the best male blogger in my family, by miles.”

– Freya (thanks Freya!)

J. K. Rowling

“Daddy, why can’t I touch my eyeball with my fingers?”

– Flossy

Dr. Seuss

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