Dinner time

It’s January 5th 2050, somewhere on planet earth. Freya, Flossy and Felicity have tele-transported themselves back to earth from Mars (section 16 if your wondering) for the weekend. We are proud of our kids. We did alright raising them. Mostly. But there was one thing we failed at. One thing we just couldn’t figure out. […]

Great things and not-so-great things about living in a tiny house – version 2.0

As the eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted my last blog post experienced some technical difficulties. My apologises. I can now add “having a dodgy internet connection” to my not-so-great things. So, to recap, this is a list of great things about living in a small tin box, sorry caravan, and some not-so-great things. With […]

5 great things about living in a tiny house and 5 not so great things about living in a tiny house

Hello world. So, this weeks fun packed blog is all about our experience of living in a tiny house – our caravan. In our little tin box we have almost all of our worldly belongings (we admittedly still have a few boxes stored at mum and dad’s). However, we were living in a fairly large […]


I’ve not written for a few days. Writers block perhaps. More likely after the first few hilarious blogs I’ve found the pressure too much! In truth, I’ve not been in the mood. Things have been tough. Why? That’s not quickly answered. Life, and it’s many twists, take time to explain, to unfold and unpack. It’ll […]